Can minor carpal tunnel be treated and be cured completely?

Answer It's tricky. I've had carpel tunnel for over 3 years now, severe but not to the point where I need surgical intervention. I got it from my work, which is mostly on the computer. I'm using an ergono... Read More »

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Carpal tunnel: what can you get carpal tunnel from, besides working a mouse?

scooping cat poop. That's how my mom got it before they invented computers.

I Think I Have Carpal Tunnel HELP!?

It's odd, I am no doctor but with your finger locking it almost sounds like "trigger finger". My husband works with his hands and he has had to have surgery for that twice. I have Rheumatoid Arth... Read More »

What should I do for the carpal tunnel in my wrist?

Carpal Tunnel syndrome is caused by a narrowing of the space in the connective tissue in the wrist joint. This is caused by over use of the wrist, which creates a pressure on the nerves and tendon... Read More »

Carpal tunnel syndrome?

Rest to the wrist in a splint will reduce pain. But, because you are a typist, I think you will get the pain back once the splint is removed. You may have to undergo a small surgery for a permanent... Read More »