Can minnows live in fresh water?

Answer Minnows can and do live in freshwater habitats. In fact, the majority of freshwater sources, such as swamps, rivers, ponds and lakes, have at least one type of minnow living in them.Source:Cornell:... Read More »

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Can minnows live in water from a fridge?

How long can fresh flowers live without water?

Fresh flowers can last from a few hours to several days without water depending on their species. Species with thicker stems and more leaves will last longer than species with thinner stems and few... Read More »

Can i use dried up live rocks in my tropical fresh water aquarium?

Live rocks are rocks that are in salt water with organisms growing on them; the rocks themselves are not alive. A dried live rock has been removed from salt water, allowed to dry thus killing the o... Read More »

If I add natural, fresh squeezed fruit juice to water, will it still be considered water?

to add a little flavour to water you don't add anything to water that's as bad a cordial. What you do to flavour the water is add a small slice or lemon or lime to spritz it up a little or alternat... Read More »