Can mineral oil be used as a laxative?

Answer On One Hand: Mineral Oil is Lubricating LaxativeMineral oil has been used to treat constipation for generations. It is effective and inexpensive, with few reported side effects, according to the He... Read More »

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Can mineral oil be as dangerous as a laxative?

On One Hand: Lubrication AssistanceMineral oil as a laxative works in approximately eight hours. The oil lubricates the colon and feces to make passage easier. According to the National Digestive D... Read More »

Is mineral oil safe as a laxative?

On One Hand: Mineral Oil Relieves ConstipationAccording to the Mayo Clinic, mineral oil taken by mouth is an effective laxative. Its research finds that the mineral oil coats the bowels and stool m... Read More »

What mineral is used in sandpaper?

Minerals that can be used to make sandpaper include flint, garnet and emery. Flint sandpaper is the least expensive, but it wears quickly. Garnet sandpapers are harder and are used for woodworking.... Read More »

What is the mineral aquamarine used for?

Aquamarine, meaning "sea water" in reference to its color, is the modern birthstone for March and is often used as a gemstone in jewelry. Wearing aquamarine is said to preserve love and ensure trut... Read More »