Can milk give you osteoporosis?

Answer Yes milk can contribute to osteoporosis.One of the main selling points for milk is its calcium content – essential to equip us and our children with healthy bones, we are told repeatedly. What we... Read More »

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Why won't my cow give me chocolate milk?

I hate to tell yo this, but it isn't a's a bull. :D

How much milk does a goat give?

Many factors can affect a goat's milk production, such as the breed of the doe and how well she is being taken care of. Generally, you can expect 1/2 - 1 gallon if milking once a day and up to 2 ga... Read More »

Is it bad to give milk to a sick dog?

Generally it is not a good idea to feed milk to either a sick or a well dog. Many dogs cannot properly digest dairy products, and milk may cause diarrhea or some other digestive illness. Lactose-fr... Read More »

Can I give my baby cow's milk?

A baby should be fed formula or breast milk until the age of 12 months. Whole cow's milk can be fed to a baby from 12 months of age through 2 years. Skim and low-fat milk can be fed once the child ... Read More »