Can milk come out of a teenager's breasts?

Answer It will when they become pregnant and have a baby.

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Is milk important for teenagers?

Yes milk is very important to teenagers. you are growing right now and you want strong bones. you dont want osteoperosis when you get older. however water is very important to. i would say it is mo... Read More »

Im not pregnant Why are your breasts leaking milk?

Its more then likely a hormone imbalance its not serious but you should go see a doctor

Can milk make breasts grow?

On One Hand: Drinking Milk Does Not Affect Breast SizeDrinking milk will not cause the breasts to become larger. According to, breast size is determined mostly by heredity and weight... Read More »

Are you pregnant if you have milk coming out of your breasts but you're not leaking?

Answer hi i have two boys youngest is three and i still get milk all the time but you are still better off speaking to your doctor sorry i couldent help more.