Can milk cause heartburn?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, Calcium and Protein Increase AcidMilk contains both calcium and protein, which stimulate acid production in the stomach. Many people believe milk gets rid of heartburn, but in rea... Read More »

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Does milk help heartburn?

On One Hand: Drink Your MilkMilk has a long history of being used as a treatment for heartburn. Today, some physicians advise their patients with acid reflux to take antacids. But nonfat milk can t... Read More »

Can heartburn cause fainting?

Heartburn, I don't believe so. But what can happen is that the acid reflux feels so bad that the person hyperventilates. That could cause fainting.Hyperventilation results in an over am... Read More »

Can chewing gum cause heartburn?

Chewing gum is not known for causing heartburn; rather, it is being touted as an effective remedy for acid reflux. Experts such as Tim McCashland, Associate Professor of Medicine at the University ... Read More »

Can peanuts cause heartburn?

On One Hand: Salted or UnsaltedAccording to The Health Care Center, peanuts are not a known risk for heartburn sufferers. However, salted peanuts can increase the risk of getting heartburn by up to... Read More »