Can migraines lead to a stroke?

Answer Migraines can lead to a stroke. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, 19 percent of stroke victims have a history of migraines. People who suffer from migraines accompanied by aur... Read More »

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Are migraines a symptom of a stroke?

A stroke occurs when blood supply to the brain is temporarily stopped. A migraine is not a symptom of a stroke. However, migraine headaches and strokes have similar symptoms such as severe head pai... Read More »

Why does dehydration lead to heat stroke?

probably the United States as currently the Russian economy is worse off than ours and probably can't field a decent military, not to mention the United stateshas a more expirenced corps of soldier... Read More »

Why does dehydration sometimes lead to heat stroke?

because if you're dehydrated you can't sweat, and sweating cools you off.

About my moms stroke , she is dying.. i just want to know what to expect from the stroke .. shes on morphine?

I echo what Susan said. The nurses at the hospice where my mother died told us to tell her that it was okay to let go, that being told that makes it easier for the dying person. They also told us t... Read More »