Can mice climb up on a kitchen table?

Answer Mice are very agile creatures and can easily run up any rough vertical surface. The wooden legs of kitchen tables, would certainly not pose much of a challenge to these agile rodents.References:Ill... Read More »

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Can rats climb up bunk beds!!?

Haha!! They can!! They are great climbers! When i was little I had a bunk bed and kept my rats in my room! I remember waking up with a furry thing climbing up my pyjama leg then realising it was my... Read More »

How to Take off in a Cessna 150 and Climb to Cruising Altitude at Best Rate of Climb?

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Giant mice Have some really big mice running around with super long tales, but don't look like rats?

EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! A MOUSE!Easy ladies, the dok is back in town....what ya got there is the rattus rattus (no joke) the roof rat, the ones with great tails. nicer looking then your avera... Read More »

Who remembers watching a tv show about mice it started with a older mouse reading a story and then zooming into a little door where little mice would be does anyone know what it's called?