Can methadone help crack cocaine addicts?

Answer On One Hand: Methadone's Incompatibility With Cocaine AddictionMethadone treatments work to reduce heroin cravings. Heroin causes an initial "rush" of euphoria, followed by a period of sedation, ac... Read More »

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How can a first responder help cocaine addicts?

The dosage necessary for a fatal cocaine overdose is approximately 1.2 grams. A person can achieve extremely dangerous toxicity with as low as 20 milligrams, according to the Internet Drug Index. R... Read More »

What is the most Dangerous form of Crack (Crack, Cocaine or Crystal Meth or none of above someother typecrack?

Cocaine and crack are cocaine; cystal meth is methamphetamine, a totally different drug. Crack is much more dangerous than cocaine; its potential for addiction is so bad, one use can cause it. And ... Read More »

What is in crack cocaine?

Crack cocaine, a smokable, more portent form of cocaine created by "cooking," contains many other substances dangerous to the human body. These other components consist of a wide array of toxic and... Read More »

What is crack cocaine?

According to the National House Survey on Drug Abuse, approximately 6.2 million people in the United States have smoked crack cocaine. Crack abuse is especially a problem among high school students... Read More »