Can methadone help crack cocaine addicts?

Answer On One Hand: Methadone's Incompatibility With Cocaine AddictionMethadone treatments work to reduce heroin cravings. Heroin causes an initial "rush" of euphoria, followed by a period of sedation, ac... Read More »

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How can a first responder help cocaine addicts?

The dosage necessary for a fatal cocaine overdose is approximately 1.2 grams. A person can achieve extremely dangerous toxicity with as low as 20 milligrams, according to the Internet Drug Index. R... Read More »

What is the most Dangerous form of Crack (Crack, Cocaine or Crystal Meth or none of above someother typecrack?

Cocaine and crack are cocaine; cystal meth is methamphetamine, a totally different drug. Crack is much more dangerous than cocaine; its potential for addiction is so bad, one use can cause it. And ... Read More »

How do you test for crack cocaine?

Testing for crack cocaine used to be difficult, but scientific technology and rapid advances in medical research have made it easier. Anonymity and convenience are key concerns for people worried t... Read More »

What is in crack cocaine?

Crack cocaine, a smokable, more portent form of cocaine created by "cooking," contains many other substances dangerous to the human body. These other components consist of a wide array of toxic and... Read More »