Can metal window blinds make you sick?

Answer Metal window blinds are made from aluminum. Aluminum is an affordable, lightweight, tractable material that is nontoxic and won't corrode. Mold needs food sources and, while mold may be found on me... Read More »

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How do I clean metal window blinds?

PreparationClose the blinds and use a step stool to start your cleaning at the top of the blinds. Place the dust brush attachment onto your vacuum to clean each horizontal piece of the blinds.Vacuu... Read More »

How do you clean window blinds (ventian blinds) easily?

buy one of those swiffer or pledge dry wipes. i used one of those to wipe the furniture because normal rag and vinegar did not help at all. those things are like magic!!

How to Make Over Window Roman Blinds?

It's time for a makeover when you want to overhaul a room or perhaps just your window treatments. Roman shades are very durable and often last for a long time but at some point they might seem a li... Read More »

Do The Yahoo Answers Metal Snobs Make You As Sick As They Make Me?

There are so many varieties of Metal music, IMO.Anyone who thinks Black Sabbath is not one of the MOST important bands in Metal History - is completely ignorant - but, that is my opinion.Every band... Read More »