How to Draw Mermaids?

Answer Techniques for drawing mermaids.

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Are there mermaids in the Iliad?

No, there were Sirens, which are often categorized as mermaids, but are actually creatures that are part bird, part human. I have no idea why they are considered mermaids, seeing how mermaids are o... Read More »

Do mermaids ever walk on land?

In real life, no because they don't exist. Otherwise it depends on what story they're in and what the author wants.

How to Draw Mermaids & Fairies?

Every fantasy artist should know how to draw mermaids and fairies. Even if it isn't your main artistic focus, drawing these classic creatures will show you how to combine human and non-human featur... Read More »

Is the navy hiding mermaids from us?

No, aliens would be more likely since they are terrestial (but mythical) they couldn't hide where we live.