Can mercer in children ver be completely cured?

Answer It is an X-linked recessive disorder.

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What are the causes for Leucoderma Can it be cured completely can it be prevented?

What exactly is Leucoderma? Strictly speaking, Leucoderma is not a medical term, though it has come to mean any white/light coloured skin patch. Very broadly, white patches can be acquired or may b... Read More »

Can infected root canals be completely cured?

On One Hand: Infected Root CanalIf a root canal becomes infected, root canal treatment is required. Also called endodontic treatment, root canal treatment consists of having a dentist fill the root... Read More »

Can minor carpal tunnel be treated and be cured completely?

It's tricky. I've had carpel tunnel for over 3 years now, severe but not to the point where I need surgical intervention. I got it from my work, which is mostly on the computer. I'm using an ergono... Read More »

Is pottery barn crib bedding completely safe for children?

The Pottery Barn crib bedding is safe for children, however, nothing can be safe around children without parental supervision. Care must be taken to keep any bedding from covering he head of the ch... Read More »