Can menstrual cups be used as shot glasses?

Answer omg! i tried to make my bf do a shot of my diva cup

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Don't get offended... using menstrual cups while ttc...?

Sure! Lots of women have tried that!! There are even menstrual cups that are manufactured and sold as conception devices, see?…But most women just use the... Read More »

Where can i find Shot glasses?

How many ounces are shot glasses?

A standard shot glass will hold 1.5 ounces. Some glasses are actually 2 ounces, with a pour line at 1.5 ounces. There are also 2-to-3 ounce shot glasses, used for specialty drinks. Pony, a small... Read More »

How to Display Shot Glasses?

Display cases are a great way to show off those shot glasses you've been collecting all these years. However, finding a display case to fit the sizes and quantity of shot glasses in a collection ca... Read More »