Can men have multiple ejaculations?

Answer Men can have multiple ejaculations by exercising their puboccocceygeus muscle, otherwise known as "PC." By practicing the control of this muscle during masturbation or even urination, men can train... Read More »

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If you and a guy skinny dip together in a pool is it possible for pre-ejaculations fluids to get a girl pregnant even if they are not having sex but they are on each other pretty much?

Answer As long as you guys did not have entercourse it is pretty imposible because sperm can not live out side the body, infact I think they die with in seconds once out side the human body

How to film multiple shots with multiple cameras and make it look in sequence and smooth?

Generally no. Occasionally when there are expensive effects like explosions where cars, buildings or other structures are destroyed they use multiple cameras. Minor stunts are rehearsed and planned... Read More »

How to Set Up a Computer With Multiple Independent Screens and Multiple Keyboards?

Supporting multiple users has often meant having a separate computer for each--that is, until the KVM switch was created. The switch allows you to plug in multiple input devices--keyboard, mouse--a... Read More »

Is multiple liability insurance necessary on multiple autos?

On One Hand: Auto Liability Insurance Is RequiredAll states in the U.S. except New Hampshire and Wisconsin require that drivers carry liability insurance. Minimum limits vary from state to state. A... Read More »