Can medications delay puberty?

Answer On One Hand: Medication Can Delay PubertyPrecocious puberty, or early puberty, refers to the onset of puberty before age 8 in a girl or age 9 in a boy. Precocious puberty can cause social problems ... Read More »

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Have i hit puberty yet?

You are in puberty stage bro!In a year u will **** white sperms! And ur voice will get deeper!!

Is it just puberty ?

Yeah it's puberty. Put on some deodorant every morning. As for the hands thing; I'm not really sure; I'm a teen as well and just last year my palms just were always's weird. I guess som... Read More »

PUBERTY question!?

yeah, puberty is funny like that... be patient - you'll have a body that makes sense in the end

How to Be Ready for Puberty?

Are you extremely worried about the upcoming changes associated with puberty? Don't worry. Read on to find out how to survive- and maybe even enjoy this important stage in your life.