Can medications delay puberty?

Answer On One Hand: Medication Can Delay PubertyPrecocious puberty, or early puberty, refers to the onset of puberty before age 8 in a girl or age 9 in a boy. Precocious puberty can cause social problems ... Read More »

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Have i hit puberty yet?

You are in puberty stage bro!In a year u will **** white sperms! And ur voice will get deeper!!

Am I still going through puberty....?

Sounds like you could be a late bloomer, I was. and actually had all of the same things you had mentioned at 20. I still have no chest or back hair and still have a hard time putting on any weight.... Read More »

Is it just puberty ?

Yeah it's puberty. Put on some deodorant every morning. As for the hands thing; I'm not really sure; I'm a teen as well and just last year my palms just were always's weird. I guess som... Read More »

PUBERTY question!?

yeah, puberty is funny like that... be patient - you'll have a body that makes sense in the end