Can medications cause skin problems?

Answer On One Hand: Medications Can Cause Skin ProblemsMedications can lead to side effects on the skin. Medications--such as antibiotics, anti-fungal drugs and narcotic (opioid) painkillers--can cause it... Read More »

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What Medications Cause Skin Pigmentation or Skin Discoloration?

Although some medications such as skin bleaching creams are used for altering skin pigmentation, other medications can cause skin discoloration as a side effect. Regardless of the intended purpose,... Read More »

What Do Medications That Contain Retin-A Do for the Skin?

Defined as topical vitamin A, Retin-A is a pioneer in skincare, writes Originally created to treat acne more than 25 years ago, Retin-A is a popular prescription choice by dermatol... Read More »

Skin problems (specially face Skin)?

do you have fluoridated water? if so it will cause the above mentioned

Skin Problems in the Ear?

Dog's ears are composed of three main parts: the external, middle and inner ear. All three parts can be impacted by various ailments that cause itching, inflammation, infection and, in extreme cir... Read More »