Can me and my brother share itunes?

Answer well you don't need to create a second partition in your system it will mess up all you just need to create a new user account and there you are the new user have its own library on iTunes. ... Read More »

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How to Share Music on iTunes?

ITunes provides the ability to share music with other users on a local network. To enable Home Sharing, you need iTunes 9 installed on your computer, an iTunes account and a local network connectio... Read More »

How to Share One iTunes With Two or More iPods?

Each of you has an iPod Shuffle. You're a married couple, or you're a mom and son, or you're brother and sister, sharing one computer and one iTunes. How can you all co-exist in harmony with your i... Read More »

How do I share music through iTunes?

If running iTunes on a Mac, select "iTunes" > "Preferences." If running iTunes on Windows, select "Edit" > "Preferences." Click the "Sharing" tab and choose the "Share my library on my local networ... Read More »

ITunes won't allow me to Home Share?

1. Set up Home Sharing on all devices2. Verify system requirements3. Check your Apple ID On Apple TV, navigate to Settings > Computers and look in the bottom leftHome Sharing requires a home networ... Read More »