Can masala be used to make chai tea?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, It CanYou can add masala to chai tea; in fact, it is a very popular addition to chai tea in India and other southeast Asian countries. Masala is simply a term that refers to an ar... Read More »

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How to Make a Masala Chai?

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How to Make Masala Chai Ice Cream?

Masala Chai is a traditional drink of India and Pakistan, masala chai has become a popular beverage worldwide. Instead of turning it to a tea, how about turning it into an ice cream? This recipe wi... Read More »

What is the difference between garam masala and tandoori masala?

Masala is a fragrant spice blend. It can be either wet (a paste) or dry (a blend of dried, often toasted and ground spices). The pastes frequently include fresh ingredients like cilantro, mint, gin... Read More »

How to Make Garam Masala?

Garam masala means hot mixture in Hindi. It is a blend of ground spices used in Indian curries, commonly mixing cinnamon, roasted cumin, cloves, nutmeg and (sometimes) dried red chilli peppers. Sin... Read More »