Can marrying an illegal citizen affect your rights as custodial parent?

Answer Yes...

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What custodial rights does an illegal immigrant father have to a child born out of wedlock with a US citizen?

Answer US law presumes that an unmarried mother has sole custodial rights to a child until the court rules otherwise.This applies to US citizen fathers as well as non citizen fathers.Before custodi... Read More »

Can a non custodial Canadian parent take their child who is a US citizen out of the US without the custodial parent's permission?

Answer No.That would be considered parental abduction or kidnapping depending upon mitigating circumstances.Nevertheless, both are felonies and if the child is removed from the US it is considered... Read More »

What are the rights of a Missouri custodial parent needing to move out of state but less than 100 miles for career when the non custodial parent has extended non traditional visitation?

Answer Custodial rights in any US state depends largely on the individual circumstances surrounding a dispute and the judge's interpretation of such.Generally the main contributing factors in the ... Read More »

Can a custodial parent deny the visitation rights to non-custodial parent in mobile Alabama?

If the court has awarded you visitation rights, then you have those rights legally and they cannot be denied by the custodial parent.