Can male&female children share a bedroom?

Answer On One Hand: Can Work WellSometimes a parent has no choice but to make two opposite-sex siblings share a bedroom. For most children, this shouldn't be an issue. There are no state laws prohibiting ... Read More »

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How old do children have to be to not share a bedroom?

Well there Really isn't an answer for this, It Kind of Depends on Your Parents/Guardians. But If You Think that You are Old Enough To Sleep In a Bedroom all by Yourself. If Your Parents say No, ... Read More »

Is it illegal for children to share a bedroom with their parents?

It is not illegal for children to share a bedroom with their parents.

What is the size measurement a bedroom two children can share?

Any size that fits a bunkbed is "big enough". Control the mould with Dettol ventilation and heating.. If the sperm donor has fecked off, chase him down for monetary support.

Is it illegal in Michigan for children of the opposite sex to share a bedroom?