Can male flowers bear fruits?

Answer None that I know of. If there are any, they are the exception rather than the rule. The female flowers have the ovary part which gets fertilized by the pollen from the male flower, and this ovary t... Read More »

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How to Preserve Fresh Flowers & Fruits?

Many gardeners enjoy making pretty bouquets from their flower gardens and creating dishes that use produce and herbs from other plots. When gardeners have a surplus of produce or flowers, some give... Read More »

How Do Flowers Make Seeds & Fruits?

While the beauty of flowers may seem relatively simple, the process of their creation is complex. Through a combination of factors, flowers create seeds and fruit that serve as the byproduct of the... Read More »

What vine grows fruits and flowers?

The passion fruit grows on a vine and has flowers. As well as Kiwi and Grapes.

What are plants that produce flowers and fruits called?

Angiosperms are the plants that flower and produce fruit, according to Elmhurst College. Four in five plants are angiosperms, and all produce fruit although some go mostly unseen, such as the maple... Read More »