Can magnets help with depression?

Answer On One Hand: One Type of Magnetic Therapy Shows PromiseAccording to NBC Washington, a procedure called trans-cranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is an emerging treatment for depression that already ... Read More »

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How to Help a Friend with Depression?

Depression. We've all heard of it. Most of us will come into contact with it at some point in our lives. Depression is a very difficult serious illness and miserable experience for someone to go th... Read More »

How to Help a Loved One With Depression?

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How to Help Someone with Depression?

If someone close to you is suffering from depression, it can be difficult, confusing, and saddening, not just for them, but for you as well. Depression never just affects one person - it can deeply... Read More »

How can a parent help with major depression?

It's very painful to see a loved one--your child--struggling with major depression. All of a sudden your beautifully outgoing girl is sad most of the time, doesn't enjoy any of the the things she u... Read More »