Can magnesium deficiencies cause elevated serotonin in autism?

Answer Decreasing the level of serotonin in the brain may have positive results for children with autism. As a general rule, the absorption of serotonin is directly related to maintaining proper magnesiu... Read More »

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Does impaired thyroid cause elevated serotonin levels?

On One Hand: Thyroid Function Affects Serotonin LevelsAccording to an article published at titled "Thyroid Hormones, Serotonin and Mood: Of Synergy and Significance in the Adult Brain" b... Read More »

Deficiencies That Cause Dark Eye Circles?

A variety of conditions can lead to darkening underneath the eyes. Some are the result of environmental issues or a health condition, but deficiencies within the body may also contribute to the con... Read More »

Can a Vit. D deficiency cause an elevated A1C?

There is still limited evidence suggesting a relationship between the two. With an A1C of 6.9, you are not just "insulin resistant." You have type 2 diabetes.Please define what you mean by a 'low c... Read More »

Can Biliary colic cause elevated ALT?

On One Hand: ALT Elevations Are Caused By Liver InjuriesIncreases in blood ALT (alanine transaminase) typically occur as a result of liver injury, according to Medline Plus. Examples of liver-relat... Read More »