Can low blood potassium cause high blood pressure?

Answer The 41st annual American Society of Nephrology's meeting in Philadelphia in 2008 featured a study that dealt directly with low blood potassium and its relation to blood pressure.ConsiderationsAccor... Read More »

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I measures my blood pressure becaus I have high blood pressure and it was 130/ 60 pulse. Is this high?

High is over 140130 is not bad120 is idealb/p changes all day.Your best bet is to take it twice a day at the same time each day. Make sure your in a calm environment.Do this for 2 weeks and give y... Read More »

Can Ultram cause high blood pressure?

On One Hand: Ultram Can Cause Increased Blood PressureUsing tramadol (Ultram is the brand name) may lead to an increase in blood pressure, according to the Mayo Clinic. Medline Plus recommends talk... Read More »

Can anxiety cause high blood pressure?

On One Hand: Anxiety Causes High Blood PressureAnxiety is a psychological condition that is marked by a feeling of fear or apprehension. According to the American Accreditation HealthCare Commissio... Read More »

Is it ginger cause blood pressure high.?

You must mention your age when you post question on BP, heart problem, so a appropriate answer is given.If you are young - over weight, poor life style, or anxiety or stimulants & medication.If you... Read More »