Can loud music make you feel sick?

Answer rap, hip-hop, and r&b make me sick at any volume level.

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Loud noises make me sick?

It would be a good idea to see your doctor. I have heard of this when you're sensitive to sound and I know it's real. This happens to my friend and she went to the doctor and he gave her pills to h... Read More »

Can you make an iPod touch 1g play music out loud?

No. It does not have an internal speaker. It can only do small beeps.

Wil melatonin make me feel sick in the morning?

No. It is a natural sleep aide. You should feel well rested when you wake up. I hope this helped. :)

How does Chemo make you feel how sick?

Hi Jessie; I would be honored to pray for your friend. You are so sweet and she is so lucky to have such a loving and caring friend,My daughter had chemo also. The first day was fine but the third ... Read More »