Can losing weight lower blood pressure?

Answer On One Hand: Losing Weight Can Lower Blood PressureAccording to the American Heart Association, if you are overweight, losing weight can help lower your blood pressure. Staying active will also hel... Read More »

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How much weight do you need to lose to lower blood pressure?

Excess body weight is strongly correlated with high blood pressure. Any weight reduction in overweight patients, even as little as 10 lbs., has been linked to a corresponding drop in blood pressur... Read More »

Does heat affect blood pressure in other words, if it's hot outside does it raise or lower blood pressure?

One of the many ways the body has, to regulate and maintain body temperature, is by circulation of the blood. While it's obvious that in cold weather more blood (at the right temperature) is sent r... Read More »

Does losing weight help lower elevated liver enzymes?

On One Hand: Obesity is Linked to Liver EnzymesPeople who are very overweight (obese) may have elevated liver enzymes, according to the Mayo Clinic. Losing weight may be one way in which a person w... Read More »

How to lower blood pressure?

You should go to your Doctor and ask this question. Do not play around with things that contain potassium, too much will bring on a heart attack and too little will do the same.My husband suffered... Read More »