Can liver damage be reversed?

Answer straight talk like john mccain right've only got one body, use it wisely.LIBBY- The asker is basically saying he already HAS cirrhosis.. which as you say is NOT reversible.I got this fr... Read More »

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How much Tylenol can damage the liver?

Taking any amount of acetaminophen that exceeds the prescribed limit can damage the liver (how much acetaminophen to take varies according to age and body weight; see package label for directions).... Read More »

What are symptoms of liver damage?

Usually the liver develops inflammation inside of it causing it to increase in size.This causes tiredness and depending onwhat caused this to occur, maybe nausea and fever will develop. They donot... Read More »

Can Paxil cause liver damage?

On One Hand: Liver Damage is Not ListedPaxil is a prescription medication that is used to treat depression, obsessive compulsive behavior, anxiety and other psychological disorders. It works by res... Read More »

How much Niacin causes liver damage?

Niacin, or Vitamin B3, is often used in daily doses of about 50 mg to treat high cholesterol. But for daily doses exceeding 100 mg, the University of Maryland Medical Center recommends, "periodic c... Read More »