Can liver cysts hurt?

Answer On One Hand: Most Liver Cysts Are AsymptomaticOnly about 5 percent of people with liver cysts experience symptoms, which may include abdominal fullness, discomfort or pain. Patients with polycystic... Read More »

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Are cysts on the liver dangerous?

On One Hand: Most Cases Are HarmlessLiver cysts are fluid-filled abnormal structures in the liver, according to the Cleveland Clinic. In the vast majority of cases, they pose no health threats, and... Read More »

Do cysts hurt?

Ovarian cysts are very painful

Does it hurt to get ganglion cysts removed?

I got my ganglion cyst aspirated (they stuck a needle in it and sucked it out). The only part that hurt a little was they sprayed my foot with a really cold solution so I wouldn't feel the needle t... Read More »

Possible to cure esophagus cancer that has spread to liver by receiving a liver transplant?

If you have esophageal cancer that has spread to the liver, you have a lot more to worry about than just the liver transplant. If you don't treat the main cancer, it will just pop up somewhere els... Read More »