Can listening to the radio through headphones harm you?

Answer I know this sounds weird but where the speaker is suck on it and try using it again

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If I am listening to internet radio on my computer through my Bluetooth headphones and I get a phone call on my iPhone will my headphones be able to answer the phone call?

Not unless the headphones are equipped with a microphone. Hands-free headsets contain both a speaker & a microphone. Bluetooth headphones (for listening to music) don't normally incorporate a micro... Read More »

Pandora radio ripped me off of my 40 hours of mobile listening, Anyone going through this?

That's weird. I listen to Pandora the whole 9 hours I'm at work on my computer, every day of the week, and also most days to/from work on my phone (under the same account) and I've never had it do ... Read More »

Why Does The Radio Still Play Through The External Speaker When The Headphones Are Plugged In?

Maybe there's a setting that needs to be changed.

Why won't my macbook pro play audio through headphones or speakers When i plug headphones in the sound on the laptop cuts out but doesn't transfer to the headphones?

Tell him his favourite song is playing...or just wait till he's asleep.