Can limewire give you viruses xD?

Answer The program itself won't give you a virus.If you download an mp3 file,you can't get a virus. Anything else, avoid downloading.Check the size of the file. If it's a song, it should be between 3 and ... Read More »

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Does limewire give you viruses?

It's safe by itself. What you download using it may not be.

Does limewire give u viruses?

All filesharing networks can potentially give you viruses.

Can Limewire videos give you viruses?

+The problem is that you will get not only the .avi file, but end up downloading other things along with it (namely trojan viruses). Limewire and sites similar to it are notorius for giving out vi... Read More »

Does limewire really give my computer a lot of viruses?

you can use Limewire safely by going into settings and unclicking shared files. Then when choosing what to download watch your bit rate, a normal bit rate runs about 128 if there is no bit ... Read More »