Can lights of America 9011 be controlled by an automatic switch?

Answer According to the Lights of America website, the company's 9011 model fluorescent wall light turns on and off automatically. The manufacturer cautions against using this model with motion detectors ... Read More »

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How to Wire Two Lights Controlled by One Switch?

Lighting circuits are easy to wire. To control two lights with one switch, wire the lights in parallel. Connect the black fixture wires together and connect the white fixture wires together to form... Read More »

How to Convert Turn Signal Lights to Tail Lights on a Motorcycle?

Converting your motorcycle's turn signal lights to tail lights is a modification that should not be performed on a vehicle meant to be driven on the road. The reason for this is simple. Most motori... Read More »

How is RQ-4 controlled?

If you mean the Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Hawk UAV, that is all proprietary, of not strictly top secret. Any communications would be encrypted anyhow.

How to Make Holiday Lights With Plastic Cups & Lights?

Whether it's a spooky Halloween luminary or a festive trail of white candles leading to your door for Christmas, there is something about holiday lights that brings a smile to one's face. While sta... Read More »