Did astrologists find life on Mars?

Answer Astrologists didn't find life on mars yet but they're looking for Bacteria which would mean there is. They are still looking.

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Where can you watch season 2 of life on mars the UK version?

Hold up your sword above their neck- say the words "There can be only one!"- and chop their head off which will be followed by you receiving their Quickening which gives you all their strength and ... Read More »

Are you GUTTED that Life on Mars is finishing tonight?

I am gutted it's finishing tonight.Can't wait for the 80's one!!If it were possible...... Gene Hunt FOR PRIME MINISTER!!I just sit there waiting for the next un-PC one liner from him.Fantastic scri... Read More »

I have been working away for last 6 months and would like to know how did the BBC series Life on Mars end?

It was 'Heres looking at you' and that was the first ever black and white programme on television

How do you watch life on mars online for free?

go to search life on mars click on whatever episode you want to seeThere is another site at the related link.