Can lice transfer from humans to dogs?

Answer According to, head lice that can be contracted by humans is not usually transmitted to pets. If you are treating or cleaning your home due to human head lice infestation, do not tr... Read More »

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Can humans get lice from dogs?

On One Hand: Lice are Species-SpecificAlthough dogs can get lice, they are not the same kind that humans get, or even the same kind that other animals, such as cats, get, according to Dog Breed Inf... Read More »

How do dogs transfer worms to humans?

Most dog owners understand that their dogs can carry parasites. What they may not realize, however, is that many of those parasites can be transferred to the people who spend time with an infected ... Read More »

Is cow lice contagious to humans?

Cow lice is not contagious to humans. Lice are "host-specific animals," according to Professor Tom Turpin of the Purdue University Department of Entomology. "Host-specific" means "a particular spec... Read More »

Can humans get horse lice?

Humans cannot get lice from horses and horses cannot get lice from humans. Lice are species specific, which means the lice that live on horses cannot survive on humans or any other type of animal.S... Read More »