Can lice removal products cause your hair to thin?

Answer Lindane, a medicine sometimes used to treat lice and scabies, can cause hair loss. Other treatments for lice, like Rid Pediculicide (piperonyl butoxide and pyrethrins topical) are unlikely to cause... Read More »

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Hair Removal Techniques for Thin Skin & Coarse Hair?

Coarse body hair is largely genetically dictated. The genes, being the despotic dictators that they sometimes are, don't bother taking a vote and letting the individual weigh in on just how much a... Read More »

Is vinegar or listerine better on hair for lice removal&death?

On One Hand: Vinegar can loosen liceVinegar can loosen the nits from the hair, making it easier to rinse them out of the hair. In addition, vinegar helps thoroughly clean the scalp and hair, provid... Read More »

Products to Add Volume to Thin Fine Hair?

For women with naturally fine hair, it can be frustrating to create volume and body. Fine hair often appears thin because it lacks the natural texture of thicker hair, which can make it difficult t... Read More »

Specialty Medical Products for Fine, Thin Hair?

Hair is an important part of your overall appearance. On average, Americans spend more on haircare than skincare and other personal hygiene products. With so many haircare products on the market, c... Read More »