Can lga 775 cpu coolers be used on lga 1366 cpu's?

Answer An LGA 775 CPU cooler cannot be used with an LGA 1366 CPU. The two different socket types have different cooler mounting hole measurements. More importantly, LGA 1366 CPUs have a larger heat distri... Read More »

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Does Zalman make CPU coolers for an LGA 1366?

Zalman makes the CNPS9900 LED, which is a CPU cooler heat sink and fan. The heat sink dissipates heat from the processor to be cooled by the fan. It is fully compatible with LGA 1366 processors.Ref... Read More »

ASUS Rampage III Gene LGA 1366 Intel X58 Micro ATX... Fit 2 GTX 580'S?

then say its the direcu CU 2 cards....either way no if its the 3 slot cooler then it iwll nto fita 2 slot cooler and it would fit.either way i would never recommend to go with a multi-gpu setup wit... Read More »

What is the best out of these CPUs?

The best performing is the FX 8350, but you mention your on a budget, so go with the FX 6100 (6 core) because you dont really need an 8 core CPU for gaming (8350). I have built many gaming rigs wit... Read More »

Which of these two CPUs is better?

If price doesn't matter to you get the P4 670. Its got more memory on-die and its 600Mhz faster. Its also got Intel's newer Socket, the 775A. You'll be able to fit that CPU in the newer, better ... Read More »