Can leukemia cause bone lesions?

Answer On One Hand: Certain Cancers Can Cause Bone LesionsBone lesions are abnormal changes in bone tissue that can diminish bone integrity or interfere with certain bone processes. Medline Plus cites pot... Read More »

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Are all bone lesions cancerous?

On One Hand: Not Necessarily CancerousA bone lesion can be caused by factors other than cancer. It may be the result of a benign tumor or another condition, such as infection or bone softening due ... Read More »

Will your disability ins end if in remission and have bone lesions?

Essentially private DI insurance ends when you are eligible to return back to work.

Can Bovine TB cause brain abscesses or lesions?

It may, but the transmission to humans is extremely rare. Here's a bit of info:Bovine TB is a chronic disease and it can take years to develop. M. Bovis grows very slowly and only replicates every ... Read More »

Can Leukemia come back after a bone marrow transplant?

Unfortunately, cancer recurrence is always a possibility. There is no cure for cancer, only the prospect for long-term remission.There are several different types of leukemia (ALL, AML, CLL, CML),... Read More »