Can lenses made by any brand fit onto any cameras if they are the right size?

Answer You need advice from an expert on this BEFORE you try to test a non-intended camera/lens combination.My friend is a Canon technician and he says he gets cameras in every year that have had their mi... Read More »

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I need A0 size of Scanner , but i don't know the brand , so can anybody tell me which brand have A0 size Scann?

The following is to HP and a link to allow input of your scanner needs and a recommendation will be made for a scanner.URL:…I Hope this Helps!

Are the Leica Lenses i the new Panasonic cameras genuine, and how good are these lenses?

All of these type of lenses are considered as certified by a manufacturer. Carl Zeiss, and Schneider-Kreuznach do this a lot too. If it's certified by any of these manufacturers you should have con... Read More »

Is Kodak and Canon cameras better than Samsung because they have been making cameras longer?

for a beginnerI suggest the samsung s85 or s630

Do slr lenses fit all cameras?

Generally, no. Each manufacturer has proprietary mounts for their lenses and, for example, Nikon lenses will not fit a Canon and so on. There are aftermarket lenses made to fit various cameras, but... Read More »