Can lenses made by any brand fit onto any cameras if they are the right size?

Answer You need advice from an expert on this BEFORE you try to test a non-intended camera/lens combination.My friend is a Canon technician and he says he gets cameras in every year that have had their mi... Read More »

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Are the Leica Lenses i the new Panasonic cameras genuine, and how good are these lenses?

All of these type of lenses are considered as certified by a manufacturer. Carl Zeiss, and Schneider-Kreuznach do this a lot too. If it's certified by any of these manufacturers you should have con... Read More »

I need A0 size of Scanner , but i don't know the brand , so can anybody tell me which brand have A0 size Scann?

The following is to HP and a link to allow input of your scanner needs and a recommendation will be made for a scanner.URL:…I Hope this Helps!

Do slr lenses fit all cameras?

Generally, no. Each manufacturer has proprietary mounts for their lenses and, for example, Nikon lenses will not fit a Canon and so on. There are aftermarket lenses made to fit various cameras, but... Read More »

Why use lenses for cameras?

A lens is not absolutely necessary in order to have a camera. There are devices known as pinhole cameras that are able to expose photographic film without the use of a lens. In that case, the tiny ... Read More »