Can lemon seeds be eaten?

Answer Although they may prove difficult to chew, lemon seeds are safe to eat. They are often mixed into lemonade or other beverages in which they are included and are accidentally ingested. Although they... Read More »

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Can grapefruit seeds be eaten?

Grapefruit seeds are typically not eaten, but they are edible. Grapefruit seed extract is a common herbal supplement. The benefits of grapefruit seed extract includes boosting the body's immunities... Read More »

Can concord grape seeds be eaten?

Named after the region where they were grown in Massachusetts, Concord grapes made their debut in 1854. The grape itself is full of natural carbohydrates the body uses for energy. The skin and seed... Read More »

Vegetable Seeds Eaten by Insects?

No matter how carefully you place a seed in the ground, there is always the risk of it getting eaten by pests. Some pests are picky eaters and only eat one kind of seed while others will eat anythi... Read More »

Do poppy seeds have the same affects as a hallucinogen when eaten?

Poppy seeds are inert and therefore do not have the ability to cause hallucination. However, it is possible for a small amount of poppy seeds (such as those found on a bun, cake or bagel) to cause ... Read More »