Can leasing an apartment help increase your credit score?

Answer On One Hand: Lease is Not CreditIn the secretive algorithms used by credit bureau agencies the method to calculate credit score points for leasing an apartment will be less than that of an actual c... Read More »

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Is It Possible to Increase Your Credit Score 300 Points in a Year?

You may be ready for a steady increase in your credit score after a financial disaster. Three hundred points is an enormous leap for any score, even in a year. In theory, anything is possible, but ... Read More »

How long does it take to increase your credit score?

On One Hand: There Isn't a Set Time Frame to Improve CreditYour FICO credit score is based on a number of factors, including payment history, account balances and length of credit history. It's imp... Read More »

How to Increase Your Credit Score With One Short Phone Call?

Credit bureaus compute your credit score using a combination of factors: your debt to income ratio, the number of late or missed bill or credit payments on your report, the composition of your debt... Read More »

Does adding your child to a credit card help his credit score?

The idea of adding your child to your current credit card is commonly referred to as "piggybacking." While this used to help build credit for your child, it no longer does. You can, however, open a... Read More »