Can late medical bills be reported to credit report?

Answer Late medical bills can be recorded on a credit report and will have a negative impact. They are reported in a summary that outlines all accounts along with their payment history. Once delinquent,... Read More »

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Bills That Are Reported to Credit Bureaus?

Almost all monthly billing accounts will show up on your credit report. This includes monthly payments for utilities, credit cards and personal loans. There are also several other types of bills, s... Read More »

If you turned your medical bills over to your insurance should he include these costs even if the other person's adjuster wants you to pay medical bills out of the final settlement?

Recovering medical expenses I would consult with an Attorney, otherwise you may end up paying for some of your medical bills out of your own pocket after the final settlement. Insurance companies t... Read More »

How long do utility bills stay on your credit report?

Your utility bills will only appear on your credit report if you neglect to pay what you owe and the balance is sent to a collection agency that subsequently reports the debt to the credit bureaus.... Read More »

How to Remove Paid Judgements for Medical Bills From Your Credit?

When a judgment for medical bills is paid, the court reports the payment date on your consumer credit report. It does not delete the judgment from your consumer credit report. A judgment does not e... Read More »