Can laminate flooring be cut with miter saw?

Answer The North American Laminate Flooring Association recommends a miter saw as one of the "tools of choice" when cutting laminate flooring. Other recommended tools include a radial-arm saw or a chop sa... Read More »

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How to Install Wood Laminate Flooring With a Flooring Stapler?

Wood laminate flooring is generally installed in the same manner as regular hardwood flooring, with tongue-and-groove connections on the sides that hold it all together. A pneumatic flooring staple... Read More »

How do I cover stairs with laminate flooring?

Cut to fitUse a table saw to cut sections of laminate flooring to fit the stairs tight to the each end of the tread, tight to the riser leading to the next step, but 3/4-inch short of the outer edg... Read More »

How do I replace carpet with laminate flooring?

Remove CarpetGrab one corner of the carpet with pliers and pull it up. Work around the edge of the wall, pulling the carpet up out of the tack strips. Continue around the walls until you've loosene... Read More »

Can you clean laminate flooring with steam?

No!!!! Please don't do this. You will ruin your, never.Steam cleaners and steam mops leave to much water on a laminate floor.