Can lack of sleep cause depression?

Answer You better believe it. Not enough sleep , especially if its on going results in all kinds of negative effects in the body. Chemical reactions take place when you do not get the rest your body/brain... Read More »

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Information on the Effects of Sleep or Lack of Sleep on School Performance?

Lack of restful sleep leads to impaired memory, concentration problems and a decreased ability to solve mathematical equations. Lack of sleep can be especially rough on students, who need to concen... Read More »

Ladies, if you were struck in the breast, would it give you hemorrhoids, depression and a lack of ?

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Do you think you can die from lack of sleep?

Yes, you can. Apparently, the longest you can last is 3 weeks. Your body can go for as longs as you want, as long as you rest every now and again. It's your brain that can't handle it.It's like a c... Read More »

My eyes are red from lack of sleep?