Can l use XP after 2014?

Answer Yes, you'll still be able to use Windows XP but Microsoft will stop supporting it and thus won't be putting out patches after that point in time.

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Are 1D doing a uk tour in 2014?

They most likely will be doing one to promote the first or second album of this year that they'll be releasing towards the end of 2013/start of 2014. It hasn't been confirmed when they'll be releas... Read More »

Are One Direction touring in 2014?

Hiya! Well since they did Up All Night tour last year, and are doing Take Me Home tour this year, they might want to take a years break. Maybe 2015? I might be wrong. Up to their management!

Is Ultra 2014 Coming to Miami Again?

of coure dates and all that hasent been set up or if there is more then one weekened yet but yes the only reason why it wouldnt is if something really bad happens these two weekends but of course i... Read More »

Indians what do you think of rail budget 2013-2014?

No not happy.Most of the business is depend on railway directly or indirectly including the petrol and coal transportation....Railway budget is very political and its impact will apear on price of ... Read More »