Can kiwis get little worms in them?

Answer Any food can get worms. There would have to be a hole somewhere that the worm entered. Chances are it was a malformed seed, or a bit of a seed. Just get rid of it and eat the rest.(Hehehe, down ... Read More »

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What are the little red worms in your swimming pool?

They are Chironomid midges also known are red worm larvae, and they are very had to get rid of.

What does it mean if when you poop there are little white worms in it.?

It sounds like you have pinworms, but regardless of what it really is.. it's important for you to tell your parents at the very least and go see a doctor. Obviously a personal medical problem reall... Read More »

Can you hold garden worms or does it hurt them?

You will not hurt the garden worm (earthworm) if you hold it. The cold-blooded earthworm boasts resiliency compared with most garden creatures. Earthworms thrive in moist environments, so if the wo... Read More »

What can you do about little swimming bugs that dart away when you try to scoop them up and when you catch them they jump around and try to get back in?

Answer I have had this same problem about 6 years out of the 18 I have had this pool. If the bugs are little guys that look like a simple, long, black bug, with 1 wing or fin on each side. Every ti... Read More »