Can kittens give babys diseases?

Answer Simple answer is "yes."Your cat should be vaccinated and not allowed to scratch or bite the young human.

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How to Give Newborn Kittens Away?

Kittens are adorable but when you can't have them due to money or space, you need to adopt them out.

What Happens if I Give Kittens Normal Milk?

If you have recently adopted a young kitten, know that their nutritional needs change markedly in their first few months of life. In the beginning of their lives, kittens should live solely on thei... Read More »

Can someone give me any names of heart diseases?

mycardial infarctionendocarditusmyocarditiscoronary heart diseasemitral valve proplaceheart block

What diseases give abnormal results of blood pressure?

Kidney disease can for sure. Also problems with your adrenal glands or even pituitary glands. Sometimes thyroid problems. Dehydration. Heart disease. High cholesterol. Genetics.