Can kitchen counter tile be painted?

Answer Tiled kitchen counter tops can be painted with specialty paints. The process is most durable when completed by a professional tile finisher, able to properly clean, prime and bond the surface with... Read More »

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The Best Way to Cut Kitchen Counter Tile?

Installing kitchen counter tile often requires that you cut some of the tile to precise dimensions for complete coverage of the counter. While there are multiple ways to cut each tile type, there's... Read More »

How to Add Ceramic Tile to a Kitchen Counter?

Ceramic tile is an inexpensive and durable option for a kitchen counter. The material will hold up to moisture and spills. The grout lines in a ceramic tile countertop will also hold up to food sta... Read More »

What kind of tile is used for kitchen counter tops?

Kitchen counter tops are usually designed using ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles. Some counter tops use a linoleum or marble base, while other counter tops employ cement or concrete tiles.Source:... Read More »

What is the recommended distance between a kitchen counter&a kitchen island?

The minimum recommended distance between a kitchen counter or run of cabinets is 36 inches. This distance can vary, however, depending on appliance clearance requirements, desired work flow or the ... Read More »