Can kids under eighteen purchase Redbull?

Answer Yes, i used to think there was an age requirement too, buy as many as you want but it does have a generous amount of caffeine

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Should parents insure their eighteen year old kids on their insurance policy or make the kids get their own coverage?

Answer The car's insurance would kick in first because YOU gave them permission. Their insurance would pay for whatever is left over.

What is the answer to seven over eighteen minus seventeen over eighteen?

math homework huh? if the problem is written EXACTLY how you written it, then it is negative 10 over 18 =10 - __ 18

Where would you be able to purchase kids headphones?

Kids headphones are available at several online retailers such as Amazon and Ebay. They are also available at your local Walmart or Kmart and are inexpensive to purchase.

A lot of redbull. Am I okay?

Do you live with anyone? Tell someone so they can get you help if you start having chest pains. Don't ever drink more than one can of energy drinks. They can stop your heart.