Can kids go in the pool with lice?

Answer On One Hand: Head Lice Isn't Very Contagious in PoolsAccording to the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), contracting head lice in a swimming pool proves to be a rare occurre... Read More »

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How Long Should Kids With Head Lice Stay Out of School?

Even at a time when text messaging is nearly ubiquitous, voice mailboxes still allow callers to leave detailed messages that you can listen to later. If you have an AT&T wireless account, you also ... Read More »

Lice lice lice i'm an 11 year old girl hat can not get rid of lice i don't want to shave my head help?

There is a whole bunch of things that need to be done to get rid of lice.You need to use some lice shampoo and use a lice comb.This should kill the lice and the comb removes the eggs.Then your bedd... Read More »

Everytime we get my step kids they are infested with lice. what should i do i am constantly treating them?

I would definitely tell CPS your concerns. You could tell the mom that if the kids have bugs in their hair anymore you're going to report her. Or just call CPS.

Will swimming in a chlorine pool kill lice?

Swimming in a chlorine pool will not kill head lice. You are unlikely to get lice from swimming in a pool with an infected person, but lice can spread through shared towels or other items that have... Read More »