Can kidney and bladder problems affect my pregnancy?

Answer On One Hand: Potential ProblemsKidney and bladder problems can affect your pregnancy. Your two kidneys and bladder help make up your urinary tract. Problems with the kidneys or bladder can cause ur... Read More »

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What are the signs of a kidney or bladder infection?

Your kidneys are a pair of organs found near your hips, which are connected by two narrow tubes to your bladder, a smaller organ used to store urine until you release it through urination. Both you... Read More »

Kidney disease and bladder cancer?

My two cents are this...if I had any type of cancer. I'm going to Canada and getting some "Hemp Oil" and taking that once a day. Being that it has been proven to cure 5 types of cancer already. Als... Read More »

Without my gall bladder am i more likely to get kidney stones?

No. There is no proof of any link between gallstones and kidney stones.

Does a bladder infection affect your menstruation?

On One Hand: Infection Shouldn't Affect MenstruationBoth bladder infection (or urinary tract infection) and menstrual changes are problems common to women, with approximately 50 percent of women ex... Read More »