Can kerosene be used for diesel engines?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, It CanKerosene can be used in a diesel engine. Kerosene and diesel fuel are both middle distillates, meaning they are in the middle of petroleum products when it comes to weight a... Read More »

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Is kerosene bad for gas engines?

While kerosene is not considered bad for gas engines, it is too thin to work efficiently as an engine fuel. Kerosene is sometimes added to diesel fuels to prevent gelling when outside temperatures ... Read More »

Why do diesel trains run on electricity and not diesel engines?

The1 had a good answer.Diesel engines are designed to produce a huge amount of torque, rather than acceleration, but they do it in a very limited RPM range, not much more than 2,000 to 3,000 RPM ma... Read More »

Can i run kerosene in a diesel generator?

On One Hand: Kerosene Will Run in a Diesel GeneratorOil is refined into many different products, ranging from gasoline and solvents to fuel oils, such as home heating oil, diesel and kerosene. Numb... Read More »

Can diesel be used in a kerosene heater?

Diesel cannot be used in a kerosene heater, which is designed to burn pure kerosene efficiently and without fumes after start-up. Diesel is less pure and can cause deposits to form on the kerosene ... Read More »